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It’s the fifth version of an AI program called Extreme Logical Illiteracy that was intended to mimic human behaviour and pass the turing test. Most experts believe version 5 has achieved this as it can answer almost any question put to it very convincingly despite no knowledge of the subject matter. Now that you know, go to r/explainlikeimfive and ask them where you can ask stupid questions. A very popular show that adopts a similar format is WIRED’s 5 Levels, which features experts explaining topics at five levels of difficulty. However, if you’re really trying to understand an obscure, objective topic, there are better places on the web to get info than the ELI5 community. ELI5 means breaking down a topic into reader-friendly layman’s terms. Is there a topic you don’t understand and would like explained in the simplest way? Here’s what it means, and how to use it to get a helpful explanation.

TextExplainer allows to explain predictions of any text classifier using LIME algorithm (Ribeiro et al., 2016). There are utilities for using LIME with non-text data and arbitrary black-box classifiers as well, but this feature is currently experimental. Lightning – explain weights and predictions of lightning classifiers and regressors. And while school officials interviewed by Protocol said that faculty members maintained independence in running their metaverse classrooms, Eisikovits also has long-term concerns about Big Tech’s commitment to academic freedom. In 2020, Zoom, YouTube and Facebook blocked a virtual lecture by a member of a Palestinian militant group hosted by San Francisco State University. Morehouse’s success has inspired other universities, including the University of Maryland Global Campus, to also conduct their own educational experiments. UMGC has historically provided distance education to members of the military at home and overseas and civilian adults. Unlike many other universities, it has a much longer history of providing a predominately online education, and as such, it was more prepared when the pandemic struck. For Morris at least, who doubles as director of Morehouse in the Metaverse, the program has been a success, leading to demonstrable increases in students’ final grades and attendance. “A lot of my students came away from this saying, ‘Wow, if I had this my first year, I would have been a better chemist, I would have been a little bit stronger as a student,’” she said.

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Comment from discussion Duhhhhhdits’s comment from discussion “I’m a lifelong Vegas native who works Security for a popular casino. AMA”. The legal payout percentage is based on the house, not individual machines. So some machines, even with the same games you’ll find elsewhere in the casino, will pay out less than others. Casino employees are the best people to go to for tips and tricks on all things casino-related, and they’re often very happy to share their knowledge with those who ask. It is not convenient to do that all when working interactively in IPython notebooks, so there are eli5.show_weights() andeli5.show_prediction() functions which do explanation and formatting in a single step. To learn more, follow the Tutorials, check example IPythonnotebooksand read documentation specific to your framework in theSupported Libraries section. Depending on an estimator, you may need to pass additional parameters to get readable results – e.g. a vectorizer used to prepare features for a classifier, or a list of feature names.
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Though his peripherals were weaker in his college season, he had more than five strikeouts per walk (49 Ks/nine walks). So there is some great promise there, with a bit more repeatable delivery and movement. Submissions that receive upvotes boost your page rank and deliver a healthy dose of traffic. In short, you’re really killing two birds with one stone here. And with Monitor Backlinks, you’ll be automatically notified whenever you gain a new link, so you won’t even need to manually check every time. You can get a 30-day free trial of Monitor Backlinks here to take advantage of automated backlink tracking for yourself, and keep an eye on how your new Reddit backlinks are improving the overall strength of your link profile. But once you’ve become a trusted source of information on Reddit, you should see a new backlink within a few days of making a new post . The idea is to drop a link back to your content or your brand within this text .

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Many of the default subreddits are highly moderated, with the “science” subreddit banning climate change denialism, and the “news” subreddit banning opinion pieces and columns. Reddit has changed its site-wide editorial policies several times, sometimes in reaction to controversies. Following some controversial incidents of Internet vigilantism, Reddit introduced a strict rule against the publication of non-public personally-identifying information via the site . Those who break the rule are subject to a site-wide ban, which can result in the deletion of their user-generated content. For April Fools’ Day 2015, a social experiment subreddit called r/thebutton appeared. User accounts created before that day were eligible to participate. A user could only click the button once, or opt not to click it. If a user clicked the button the timer was globally reset to 60 seconds, and the user’s “flair” (an icon next to the user’s name) changed color. Colors were assigned based on a gradient from purple to red with purple signifying up to 60 seconds and red as low as 0 seconds.
ELI5 understands text processing utilities from scikit-learn and can highlight text data accordingly. It also allows to debug scikit-learn pipelines which contain HashingVectorizer, by undoing hashing. Currently ELI5 allows to explain weights and predictions of scikit-learn linear classifiers and regressors, print decision trees as text or as SVG, show feature importances and explain predictions of decision trees and tree-based ensembles. Combating misinformation online is an ongoing challenge for big tech, and it’s especially difficult when it’s on a discussion board with millions of people during a pandemic. And for Meta, the concept of the metaversity — if not the metaverse itself — is still very much an experiment that so far has been costly. In February, the company announced that Reality Labs posted a $10 billion loss and is now reportedly scaling back some of its projects. But for all of the upsides, the hype over metaversities also raises concerns about what will happen if and when Meta decides to stop bankrolling the whole thing.

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Read more about etheruem to usd here. Google Analytics is the tool created by Google to help you track your website traffic. We use Google Analytics here at Buffer to pull reports on our most popular content and set goals for conversions of Buffer blog readers to Buffer app customers. Often, this person is helpful in engaging with the community on social media, forums, and meetups. The social media manager job description has a lot of crossover with a community manager. Some popular ELI5 topics may include science, technology, law, and economics. Questions about astrophysics or world affairs might not have easy answers readily available online.
what does eli5 mean on reddit
I could fly no problem when I was younger but now I’m older every time I get on a plane I have a panic attack. But a combination of some bad flights + plane crashes too close to home flipped some switch in my brain. At my worst, I got to the point where I needed to be drunk to get on a plane, otherwise I was a ball of anxiety and close to a panic attack. Go to and see how many flights are going around the world at any given time… What may work best for you is to see flight test videos on YouTube. It shows you how robust and safe airline planes are and now reliably they take off and land and how much of airborne disasters like engine or landing gear failures they can easily manage.

For some people (and I’m not staying this is you) they fear flying because it’s a heights thing. You think about getting thousands of miles in the air and how can that be safe because of gravity, falling, etc? But aerodynamics, the physics of thrust and lift, keep the plane in the air. Even in cases of engine failures, the plane won’t just stop mid air and drop out off the sky . Even with no operating engines, a plane could glide back down to the ground with knowledgeable piloting. Lots and lots of rules and regulations made by governments and airlines and unions and manufacturers and everyone else involved. The only people allowed to fly commercial planes are highly-trained pilots. The only planes allowed to fly have to meet rigorous maintenance and inspection schedules. The only runways that are used are meticulously designed and maintained so that the flight paths make collisions nearly impossible, and there is a dedicated staff of air-traffic controllers assisting pilots to organize takeoffs and landings.

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At the end of the two-year Meta-funded pilot project, the University, which is a Hispanic-serving institution, hopes to be able to offer a virtual reality-based degree. “Within five years from now, we’ll have our first group enrolling and be able to go from freshman through senior or a master’s degree completely in virtual reality where they never leave their home. They don’t have to leave their hometown or home city,” said Robbie Grant, NMSU’s director of academic technology. Last October, Zuckerberg announced that the company will spend more than $10 billion on Reality Labs to lead the development of AR, VR and other metaverse-related services and apps. The team behind this push is said to comprise about 10,000 people. The company is already working on glasses with built-in personal assistants that promise to serve as a kind of backup brain for the people who wear them. It has also launched Project Cambria, which seeks to combine the physical world and the virtual, with the aim of replacing the work laptop.

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The trans community placed a massive trans flag on screen. About 100 chat sections, or sub-reddits, that together have millions of readers are believed to have been shut. Reddit’s only comment about the issue has been to say that it did not talk about ‘individual employee matters’. The protests were led by the volunteer moderators of the AMA section, which said in an explanatory posting that they needed Ms Taylor to keep the sub-reddit functioning. Ms Taylor helped organise guests for AMAs and worked to verify that people due to answer questions were who they said they were. There had been no explanation of why she was suddenly sacked, said the administrators. Reddit’s logo consists of a time-traveling alien named Snoo and the company name stylized as “reddit”. The mascot was created in 2005 while company co-founder Alexis Ohanian was an undergraduate at the University of Virginia. Ohanian doodled the creature while bored in a marketing class. Originally, Ohanian sought to name the mascot S’new, a play on “What’s new?”, to tie the mascot into Reddit’s premise as the “front page of the Internet”.